Time baby scenes that should happen:

“Pick up, pick up, pick up - ah thank goodness, River! You have to come get us right now.”

“Sweetie, calm down. I’ve only just left you a half an hour ago. What’s wrong - is the baby alright?”

“No, she’s fine. We’re fine! Aren’t we poppet? You and Daddy are just fine.”

“Doctor, you promised-

“I know, I know. Drop me at your parents - Amelia and I will be fine. Have some time off for you - I remember I was there. Oh god - you’re not mid-adventure are you? I am so sorry if you are, but this was important.”

“No well I’ve not… really gone anywhere.”

“Not gone anywhere? Why on Earth not?!”

“It just doesn’t.. feel the same without you two here. I feel odd, frankly.”

“You miss me. Admit it.”

“I miss my daughter.”

“And me.”

“Maybe a bit. Now why on Earth do you need rescuing? Again.”

“Well see everything was fine - Amy was off at work but Rory is here and we’re were having a grand old chat but then he turned it on.”

“Turned what on, my love?”

“Oh it’s terrible, River. Teletubbies.”


“Teletubbies. Giant fuzzy things with televisions in their stomachs. They speak nonsense and eat astonishing amounts of custard - well, can’t blame them for that really but your father seems to think it’s- it’s - educational, River!”

“Isn’t that the show with the gay-“

“Not the point! Our daughter already understands fourteen languages and I can only imagine what this is doing to her cognitive functions. Oh god. Oh god - he’s found us. River please! Rory - no! River!”

“What do I get out of it?”

“I’ll let you fly for the next three months. And choose destinations, please. He’s about to come outside so if you could show up any time now, or even fifteen minutes ago, that’d be great. I know crossing timelines in a no-no, but this is an emergency. And - and - I won’t wear any hats for a month.”

“A year.”

“A month -River!”

“A month in public, a year in bed.”


“Final offer sweetie.”

“Fine. Deal. But you liked the top hat - don’t lie.”

“I’m on my way - see you soon honey!” 

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